Running Mina without Docker

We recommend using tmuxbefore starting to run multiple sessions in one terminal.

pageSetting up TMUX

1. Firewall configuration

Open ports 22, 8302 and 8303 and activate the Firewall:

sudo ufw allow 22 \
&& sudo ufw allow 8302 \
&& sudo ufw allow 8303 \
&& yes | sudo ufw enable

We check the status of open ports with the command:

sudo ufw status

If you do not have UFW installed on your server, install it using the command sudo apt install ufw

2. Installation for macOS

Need to install Homebrew.

brew install wget

Installing packages coda.

brew install minaprotocol/mina/mina

Running a node:

brew services start mina

If you already have the mina package installed, you need to update it with the command below. If you have not previously installed mina, then you can skip this command.

brew upgrade mina

3. Installation for Ubuntu 18.04 / Debian 9

Let's create a folder .coda-config:

mkdir .mina-config

Downloading package Mina:

echo "deb [trusted=yes] $(lsb_release -cs) stable" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mina.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y curl unzip mina-mainnet=1.3.0-9b0369c

4. Launch options

4.1 Launch in Service

Setting up the mina-env file:

nano .mina-env

We copy and paste the variables into the file after entering your password from the key instead of YOUR PASS FOR KEYS and KEYPATH:

EXTRA_FLAGS=" --block-producer-key $KEYPATH"

Save ans exit: CTRL+S and CTRL+X

4.1.1 Adding Snark Worker flags (if needed)

Add to file .mina-env Snark worker flags with your key and fee:

EXTRA_FLAGS=" -snark-worker-fee 0.025 -run-snark-worker B62qkWFkU9PDSzAxWWXVcxxHe1nJnfGqLeYbtxDLv5BxPiekGcxLTpj -work-selection seq -file-log-level Debug "

By default, the -work-selection for a snark worker is random rand. You can change this by adding the -work-selection seq flag to the command, which will work on jobs in the order required to be included from the scan state and will likely result in your snarks being included without a potentially lengthy delay.

4.1.2 Start the service

systemctl --user daemon-reload
systemctl --user start mina
systemctl --user enable mina
sudo loginctl enable-linger

Viewing logs:

journalctl --user-unit mina -n 1000 -f

4.2 Running a node in TMUX

Start an empty session in Tmux:

tmux new -s session

More about TMUX:

pageSetting up TMUX

And launch in session with the command:

mina daemon \
--peer-list-url \
--generate-genesis-proof true

Before starting the block producer, you need to import and unlock the keys:

mina accounts import -privkey-path $KEYPATH
mina accounts unlock -public-key $MINA_PUBLIC_KEY

Run Block Producer:

mina client set-staking -public-key $MINA_PUBLIC_KEY

Run Snark Worker:

mina client set-snark-work-fee 0.025
mina client set-snark-worker -address $MINA_PUBLIC_KEY

Here you can set the Worker commission coda client set-snark-work-fee 0.25, or leave it as it is.

Next, go to the next section and start with Point 2:

pageCLI. Key import, sending tokens

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