Every docker image is built for each of the supported platforms, replace CODENAME in the images below with your choice of bionic, focal, stretch, buster, or bullseye to select the base docker image.

Version: Mainnet Release date: 05.08.2022 at 05:43 UTC Current version: f361ba19d78ba930b5b551f58d1a82942c0f724b Mina node: Latest: Image: minaprotocol/mina-daemon: Package: mina-mainnet= Archive: Image: minaprotocol/mina-archive: Package: mina-archive= Sidecar: Release date: 11.05.2021 at 17:06 UTC Image: minaprotocol/mina-bp-stats-sidecar:1.1.6-386c5ac Package: mina-bp-stats-sidecar=1.1.6-386c5ac Peer list url:

Version: Devnet Release date: 10.06.2022 at 21:02 UTC Current version: ccaa43c5a3258444d79cb0293898ee13161dfe87 New image: minaprotocol/mina-daemon:1.3.2alpha1-ccaa43c-bionic-devnet New package: mina-devnet=1.3.2alpha1-ccaa43c

Peer list url:


Данное руководство поможет установить ноду Mina в мейннет.


This tutorial will help you install the Mina mainnet.


If you have any problems with the installation, you can contact at the following contacts:

Discord - Ducca | StakeTab#5707

Discord - garethtdavies#4963

Discord - whataday2day#1271 - Snark Stopper Creator

Twitter -

Github -

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